Yulia Lukashina

"In the night, things look different, it's just axiom. The light plays a special role. You can see only one ray, and the background is difficult to recognize. In the context of the night, one thing can be represented as something extradordinary. Walking down badly lit streets could be like walking to the bottom of the ocean. The air is dense like water and you may not walk as fast as you might in the sun light. Silhouettes are blurred and any fear you may hold makes it harder for you to breath. Let the darkness hug and kiss you, absorb it with your skin. Let yourself be scared of the darkness."

2009-current M.A. (Political Science) Moscow State University of Technology and Management

2010 Winner of Internet Exhibition Landscape Art Competition. Arisu Creative Arts, UK
The 7 Billionth Person Project Parachute Factory, New Haven, USA.
Collective Answers towards a Global Civics Torion, Italy
Forthcoming (2011): International Dictionary of Artists. Word Wide Arts Books.USA