Suzanne McGillivray

"A luminous object is said to have produced its own light, where as a non-luminous object is one that gets it's light from another object, as the moon from the sun Within each of us is a vast storehouse of potentiality, much like a light switch waiting to be turned on, we never know how bright a light will shine until it is illumined, likewise, we never know how bright we can shine until we flick that switch. So it is with Suzanne’s creative unfolding – unaware of what was waiting unclaimed and dormant within until awakening from major surgery in 2007, knowing that she had to flick that switch and turn on her light of creativity. Having traversed the wonder world of Cancer treatment last year, Suzanne now radiant and in shining health presents here inaugural exhibition – luminous… These works are a result of her journey, the expression of light found and of life lived. The composition of this luminous collection is designed to take you on a journey, to lead you somewhere, to lift you up, to light you up from within."

Suzanne grew up Perth, Western Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lived in London in her 20's them finally settled down in Sydney in the early 90’s. She spent 15 years as a senior executive in the corporate world – book industry, peak industry body, industrial negotiations and NGO's. This wide range of experience led her career into Executive and Life Coaching, Leadership Development Advising and Corporate Training with multinational organisations. A late blooming artist, Suzanne came to art from a deep inner prompting after an extended period of illness and a journey with cancer. Her colourful and interesting life has contributed to the vitality and vibrancy so evident in her work. Her need to express light lead her deeper into the exploration of mixed media and use of textures to create life and movement in her paintings giving a richness and depth to her work. As her art has developed and changed two things have always been apparent, her love for colour, light and movement and her strong sense of depth. A life fraught with challenges has led to a deep exploration of inner worlds and the discovery of much beauty, which she endeavours to communicate in her art. She has been a lifelong seeker, beginning her quest seemingly before she could walk and has been a diligent student of the Ancient Wisdom traditions of the east and west for over 30 years. Suzanne's evolving style uses vibrant colours and blended tones, her works are primarily large contemporary abstracts, working predominantly with acrylics and textures on canvas, this combined with her unique life perspective, her work creates a deep evocative response.