Rene Sinkjaer

I am a self-taught painter from Ringkobing, Denmark. I live in Sydney. I grew up in a small town on the rugged, rural west coast of Denmark. At age 22 I moved to Copenhagen, where I lived for four years. It was there I first saw the effect urban life can have on people.Along side the promise of cultural, intellectual, and social opportunity, there also exist superficiality, egocentricity, and loneliness. In 2005, I moved to Sydney, Australia. Since arriving here, I have been driven by a powerful creative force. A few attempts at painting when I was younger fell short, but something in the move “down under” triggered an explosion of artistic purpose and energy.

Stylistically I seek a balance between traditional abstract expressionism and urban street art. Fueled by a kind of automatic trance, I paint with spontaneous mark making and brush strokes; every line, every mark, every color invites the next, until the canvas is completely filled. I strive for a unique creative signature, but must pay homage to artists whose work has influenced and inspired me, including Willem de Kooning, Asger Jorn, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

For the viewer, I am trying to make a painting that is not too obvious. I wish to challenge the observer. By hiding references and figures in vivid abstractions, I am playing a kind of “hide and seek” of the imagination with viewers, in hopes they will experience a feeling of surprise and discovery that is personal and lasting.