Paul Jensen

2011 was a very productive year for me, the impact has compelled me to keep creating new works and see what comes up. The whale and dolphin works were from a dream. To me it symbolizes moving through a recent illness of tonsil cancer, coming out the other side with the insight that these characters ‘the Kracked heads’ which I have created, have unlimited potential in the progression of my artworks. The resting place hut ‘Kracked heads’ is a work I created whist in the tropics in my time of recovery, beautiful waves and a Hindu medicine man to help me through. Staying in this hut onthe the beach surfing nice waves and eating good food was the best thing I could have done at this time in my life.

Life Drawing -Liverpool Art Society- 2 years
Meadowbank TAFE- Fine Arts course- Painting and Drawing - 3years

Studio pastel studies with my father who is an artist. Tutoring me as we travel and focusing on landscape painting of regions such as Alice Springs, Queensland etc.
Creating a series of landscape paintings while in Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Bali, Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands.


Thirroul Art Prize
Liverpool Art prize
Camden Art prize
Fishers Ghost Award- invitation only
Parramatta Art Society art prize
Kings School Art Prize- invitation only
Fairfield Art Prize
Liverpool Art Society Art Prize
Fairfield Museum and Gallery Group Exhibition for winners of Fairfield Art Prize ‘Left Right Out’

1st Prize Liverpool Art Society Art Prize-mixed media
Highly Recommended Fairfield Art Prize - Painting
3rd Prize Liverpool Art Society Art Prize - Painting