Moe Baghbanian

The goats are inspired by study of the life style of people who live in the Middle Eastern deserts. The only property they own is a dusty land and the only belonging would be their goats to survive with. This painting is one of few paintings of this kind. Painted on canvas with very creative techniques of watercolor and tea. It is glazed with mat polyester.

The media is an inspiring mixture of different materials with very creative techniques. Motion in this painting has mixed the colour and texture in a harmonic manner. The darkness of a dried, burnt tree trunk texture is in a sharp contrast with the fresh red apples.

Moe Baghbanian is a doctor of medicine and an experimental artist known as Dadali. "I have shown my works for the first time in Australia to the public. I have had five successful exhibitions since travelling outside of my country, Iran. I paint using many different techniques to express my inspiration from nature, life, concepts, feelings and my state of mind. Doing that provides me quality time in this life and I believe I can share my euphoria by showing the results to others. It is as simple as that!"