Lisa Diakova.

"Having lived in New York for many years now, I can tell you that there is no separation between you and the city. You are aware of it at all times. It is unrelenting and overwhelming. Late Night TV is a painting that captures that moment at the end of a long day when a couple embracesto share a moment of calm. Watching TV is not typically considered romantic, but for this couple it is the one instance where they can just shut down and share each other’s exhaustion. It is much more than just the act of watching television. It envelopes a ritual of empathy. For this couple, it is a way of saying, “I know exactly how you feel. You don’t have to say a word."

  Diakova is a Peruvian-Russian artist and writer who resides in Brooklyn, New York. She lived and studied in Miami for the greater part of her life, where she graduated with a B.A. in English from Florida International University. She has traveled throughout Russia, Germany, Spain, and Peru. Her poetry has appeared in The Margie Review and other publications. Diakova has worked as an artist for eight years, mostly painting for commercial locations or private residences. However, in early 2009, she decided it was time to create original works, and she has been consumed ever since.