Johanna Katerinas

7 Photographs 810mm x 500 mm

These images are a part of a recent photographic project. The work plays on the idea of constructed memory and events re-presented in the Media and in Film. They were photographs taken with a 35mm camera - the image was then reversed - so that the negative image is the resulting piece. This work is concerned with the idea of memory and our recollection of events - particularly media events - which are often distorted. The event is re - presented - creating a new meaning. The photographs were taken in and around a deserted farm in the UK. I am very interested in how crimes are represented in so many different ways in our media ie: film and television - and was particularly thinking about Film when I made this work.

Some writers/thinkers that I have studied in relation to my work and inform this piece are; Bertolt Brecht:

"When an audience looks at a work..... it is quite clearly understood that it is somebody else"s repetition of the incident...a re-presentation..." Bertolt Brecht (1936)

and Adam Harper:
"there is a paranoic knot binding the opposed threads of utter triviality and looming significance" (from a piece about the paintings of Luc Tuyman) Adam Harper (2010)

1995 BA (Hons) Fine Art - Southampton Institute (UK)
2009 - 2010 Studied MA Interior Design for 1 yr - University of Portsmouth (UK)
2010 - current MA Fine Art University of Portsmouth (UK)

I am studying for my MA in Fine Art at the University of Portsmouth - I work with various media - particularly film/photography - my work is concerned with memory, both personal and collective, also with "place" and often includes "staged" images.

1994 Southampton City Gallery - Light Installation (winner of student competition)
1995 Cardiff Art in Time - Video Works
2011 The Square Tower - Portsmouth - The Last Beacon (Audio Installation) March
This was a piece based around communications and fears of the Cold War – which played on the history of The Square Tower as the last in a line of Beacons between London and Portsmouth used for communications up until the start of WW11.