James Kearns

"My paintings are a visual documentation of my life’s experiences, explorations and influences. With 10 years in the Graphic Design profession, form, colour, and composition play a major role in my work. My art combines these fundamentals with personal attributes such as intuition and emotions. I begin a piece either with a landscape to support a composition or spontaneously which becomes more detailed as the composition starts to show itself. The process involves layering. The first layers are the most erratic and may combine a variety of mixed media. Though my brush strokes and use of elements may seem by chance, they’re often mechanical and well calculated decisions. My composition makes full use of space, appearing to be arranged in an ornamental net. I notice different characters and forms during the process, which I then nurture and allow to develop almost at their own will. A dialogue is created with the painting, and it starts to show me what needs to be done. Determining when a painting is finished is a crucial and difficult step in my process. I always have to see it with fresh eyes after at leasta day has passed to decide it is finished. Viewing my work has been likened to looking out of a car window. The eye is taken on a journey across and around the canvas focusing in and out to reveal new elements each time a painting is viewed."

2006-2009 Owner/Creative Director Kearnsy Design, Perth
2005 School award (course for selected Art Directors)
2004-06 Designer/Art Director at Sydney Advertising Agency
2004 Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design - Southern Cross Packaging Award - Finalist in Chaumont poster festival, France
1999 1st prize for 3 Unit Art (St Josephs) St Josephs College, Hunters Hill