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Charles Pennington

"Growing up I marveled at how cameras function, how photos are composed, the effects of lighting etc. I was captured by the ability to capture. At an early age I began my journey as an artist when I was able to use a 35mm Canon camera. It would be a number of years before I was able to own my very own Canon Rebel G2 35mm camera. The need to document everything I could see was immense and I've been doing so ever since. A self-taught photographer I started with what I am most interested in, History. I was able to travel from my current home town in Covington, Georgia to the coast of St. Augustine, Florida and it was there that I took my first series of photos which consisted mostly of historical buildings, cemeteries, and the Florida coastline. After returning home from my first photographic endeavor I continued with the same style of photos focusing mainly on the historical coastal cities of Georgia and North Florida. Bits of me will always remain in these coastal cities where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shore, where lighthouses and forts were erected decades ago, where men fought and some of the first colonization began. But as every artist grows attention is diverted to other topics of interest. You upgrade your equipment and forge on into the unknown. I made the switch to Nikon DSLR cameras not expecting much of a difference from the 35mm film camera I was used to. However, I discovered that such DSLR cameras would assist me in capturing the seemingly unappreciated beauty of the rural south. If I had one wish it would be to travel from state to state documenting every abandoned plantation, farm house and textile mill, uncovering every rusted old Chevy sitting forgotten. To have those things live forever in my images is the goal of my photographic career."