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Anne Lehtelä

With this artwork I am observing concept of reason trough physical exercise. As in any part of you life also in physical exercise there is possibility of overdose. There is a point that something that is constructive of its nature changes destructive. Buzz makes you go faster and further ahead even when your body is breaking down. During video work I am running myself to the point of total breaking down on a treadmill. Spectator can see the change from the buzz to the despair and finally physical pain.

While protecting one always comes to isolate something outside. While building shields or shelters one is choosing according to his own be- liefs. Hard armour is something which protec- tion one can seek or find from oneself. But at the end shelter and comfort it provides be- comes prison. It allows us only see determinate procedure of live. Person can build concrete or mental borderline in between oneself and rest of the society. So- ciety is offering us set up norm that person can either choose to follow or fight against. Both of those can also be passive hiding. As continuous theme in my work I am reflect- ing borders that human beings are building to themselves in between themselves and society -- control and isolation that relates to this. Process that is behind these works is often important for me in person.

Tampere, Finland

2009 BA, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Art and Media, Fine Art Programme
2005 Master of Arts, University of Lapland

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Oisinko pojaksi luotu, Bukra Galleria, Tampere.
2009 Erakko, Kilo Galleria, Rovaniemi.
2009 Junantuoma, Rovaniemellä.
2006 24,8m, Galleria Freedom, Rovaniemi.

Group Exhibitions
2011 Iho on kevyt vankila, Galleria Alkovi, Helsinki
2011 Muun muassa, ynnä muuta sellaista janiin edelleen, Galleria Emil, Tampere.
2010 Ars Viikinsaari, Tampere.
2010 Megagagaa, Galleria Nottbeck, Tampere.
2010 Luokkakuva, Ikuinen Galleria, Tampere.
2009 Ikuisesti sinun, Ikuinen Galleria, Tampere.
2009 Valokuvia, Pesurumpu, Tamk, Tampere.
2009 Akti -kuvataiteen lopputyönäyttely, Rovaniemi.
2007 Tevan juhlanäyttely, Rovaniemi.
2011 Taidetta jakokaapeissa 3, Tampere.
2011 Cheap Art Party, B-galleria, Turku
2011 Raaka-taide, Näkymä, Akaa.
2011 Musiikki-tanssi-tango, Seinäjoen taidehalli.
2011 RDW, Rovaniemi.
2010 RDW, Rovaniemi.
2009 Design 96300, Rovaniemi.
2008 Kuvitustriennaali, Mikkelin taidemuseo.
2006 Nuorten taiteilijoiden yhteisnäyttely, taiteilijaseura Pallas, Rovaniemi.

2011 2010
TAF, Tampere Art Factory, Tampere. Taidesuunnistus, Akaa. Tamk, Finlayson, Tampere.

2011 Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä

2006 Grant from Artist association Pallas.

2011-2009- 2010-Artist association Rajataide ry, Chair person Rajataide ry, member Cultur association Vastedes, member of the board.