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About us

The Archetype is a creative arts enterprise with The Archetype Gallery being our main operation. 

Everyday spaces, everyday locations. We call these "galleries" - 'Concept Spaces'. 

Each exhibition is professionally curated, managed and promoted. We also work hard to develop creative projects, host innovative salon talks, events and workshops, and showcase a wide selection of contemporary visual art - including film, design and performance art - from around the world. Our eclectic salon assortment of artwork originals and limited edition posters and prints is also available online.

The Archetype gallery was founded in 2006, located in a 250sqm warehouse in Sydney's CBD as part of the Hi Rise Centre for the Arts, the first multi-disciplinary arts space in Australia. A space that incorporated dance, music, theatre classes, workshops, fashion shows, film nights, a photography studio, an artist in residence program, and more, all under the same roof. The centre was comprised of both Australian and international teachers, artists, students and volunteers. The Archetype Gallery became a contemporary space with an underground street flare. It encouraged innovation: artist-run shows, performance art, life drawing and art workshops. 

Since 2010, The Archetype Gallery started operating from non-gallery spaces promoting contemporary art. Since we closed our gallery space in the city due to high commercial rents and the lack of support from local government organizations towards our artist for profit approach, it forced us to 'think outside the square', or in this case outside the gallery. The local community get exposed to more contemporary art - paintings, photography, multimedia, sculpture, performance art and fashion - as opposed to it only being made available in a standard gallery space. Exhibiting art outside of the gallery is not a unique concept, but we do it very differently. The Archetype Gallery signature brand is our gold frame, the patented 'Archetype Salon Framing System' and it is adaptable to any kind of venue, playfully presenting art in a high art sort of way, in spite of it's environment.

Local and international artists’ works are exhibited at the Archetype, with regular opening night shows for both group and solo work. It has been a successful step in connecting contemporary art with larger audiences while still maintaining the standard gallery flare. The businesses we work with appreciate the arts and our presence enhances their brand. With support from artists, visitors and the community at large, we want to lead and not imitate - to be unconventional and unrestricted.

The Directors

They have been called "creative mavericks” by their colleagues. Crediting them for inspiring other artists and creative spaces in Sydney. Creative consultants to a diverse range of independent, corporate and community groups

Rachel Jordan is a Sydney born creative artist whom has completed many years as a creative producer, project and event manager. Jordan's background, like most creatives is diverse. A former performing artist: dancer, actor, choreographer and teacher, Jordan's other skills include dj, radio producer, photographer, writer, documentary and short filmmaker.

Artist Stefan Auimatagi von Reiche, whose background is in the visual arts, is an experienced painter and sculptor. Von Reiche has been tutoring children and adults for many years, working with groups and individuals, facilitating life drawing classes and recyle workshops with organizations such as the Ted Knoffs Foundation, Department of Defence NSW and the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Von Reiche's other skills include: photographer, documentary film maker, experimental filmmaker, and published writer.

Both Directors are the founders of The Archetype Galley and the former Hi Rise Centre for the Arts.

Internship Program

Ellen Oredsson | Assistant Coordinator

Ellen is studying Art History at Sydney University and she stems from a family of artists. Bringing her passion and love of the practice and history of Art to us, in her role as Assistant Coordinator with Archetype. Ellen will assist specifically with Exhibition and Workshop events held at Archway 1. We look forward to her work with us for 2012.

Tunaletoa von Reiche | Installation Technician

Tuna is a qualified graphic designer. Some of his designs have featured on skateboards, t-shirts, advertising to name a few. He is a qualified layout designer and currently works in the print industry. He is a champion vollyball player, who played for New Zealand and is a crucial member of The Archetype Team.


  • I can thoroughly recommend working with The Archetype Gallery. I consider them a trustworthy and efficient outlet for my artwork.
    Patrick Hawkins
  • I found that The Archetype Gallery was perfect to deal with when finding collaborators to exhibit the artist collective I mentored. Many of the artists had never exhibited and I knew that they would be well looked after by The Archetype Gallery. It was a well curated show and we were all very happy with the show and the professionalism in working with us.
    Robyn Caughlan
  • I was looking for interesting architectural spaces to create installations in around the city, so I made an application to The Archetype Gallery’s Concept Spaces. I was so excited to be selected to show in their Night and Day exhibition in the Chauvel Cinema, Paddington. The Archetype Galleries is a great opportunity to exhibit in an out-of gallery context, run by the very professional and friendly curators Rachel and Stefan.
    Sarah Breen Lovett
    Expanded Architecture
  • The Archetype Gallery alters the way in which we view and experience art, shifting the locale from a fixed space and address to a location that is constantly changing; challenging the viewer to follow its course wherever it may lead. This situation reflects something of our reality in large urban environments, where nothing is permanent and all that we see around us is subject to the pressures of change and development from all sides. In the rush to destroy, build and renovate, the ephemeral expressions of human activity of which art is the most profound, are liable to be swept away at any moment. The usual artist run and non commercial spaces that seek to nurture these activities in emerging artists are likewise subject to these same forces. It is for this reason that The Archetype Gallery installations, appearing and disappearing around our suburbs like fleeting particles in the nucleus of culture, are an effective and profound response to this order of things. They give people a unique opportunity to exhibit in unconventional locations while expressly stating that the state of our arts landscape for new artists is irrevocably changing and the white cube is no longer the only stage.
    Anthony Sawrey